Best of both worlds - Nordic Lawn

Bad weather, general wear and tear and high levels of activity create poor growing conditions for the lawn. The lawn often does not grow in areas with a lot of shade or wet soil. This is a known problem in sports facilities, playgrounds and golf courses.

Where artificial grass used to be used to present a permanently green and beautiful lawn, there is now a solution that combines the best of both worlds. The full, green expression of artificial grass and the natural feel of natural grass are combined in this product.

Green Hybrid Hybrid grass is rolled out over the natural turf, which over time means that the natural grass mixes with the artificial grass. Hybrid grass creates a beautiful, green appearance and helps to protect the delicate natural grass and give it the best possible growing conditions.

gh 22

Green Hybrid 22

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gh 32

Green Hybrid 32

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gh 32+

Green Hybrid 32+

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hybrid zubehör


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