SPORTEC® Sports floors and elastic layers made of high-quality tire recycling rubber granules and EPDM colored granules are particularly robust, easy-care and water-resistant floor coverings. High walking comfort as well as footfall and room noise reduction, excellent force reduction values, high resilience and easy installation and maintenance are convincing arguments for the use of SPORTEC® products in fitness studios of all kinds and other indoor and outdoor sports areas.

EUROFLEX® products have been guaranteeing the highest safety standard on children's playgrounds for 40 years. EUROFLEX® fall protection tiles offer effective protection when children jump or fall from playground equipment, they reduce the impact and reduce the risk of injury.
EUROFLEX® fall protection tiles have also proven their worth as elastic floor coverings in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers, multi-generational leisure facilities, playgrounds, under gymnastics and climbing equipment and as sidewalks.

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